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Case-Shiller Index

A very good tool for understanding the arc, the trajectory, of the Westport area RE market is the New York Commuter High Tier Index. This is a better tool than the broad Case-Shiller Index.

You can access this by clicking on the link below.

After accessing Standard & Poors, do the following:

1. Under S&P Indices, either type in Case Shiller or scroll down and click on Case Shiller.

2. Click on “Home Price Tiered Index Level”.

3. At the top of the page, click on “New York Commuter”.

4. You’ll see a low, mid, high and total. For most people reading this, the high tier will be most appropriate. This reflects home sales over $453,603.

Based on this, we are currently at May/June 2004 prices. This seems about right. However, we have seen recent sales consistent with 2003 pricing, too.

Again, while not a perfect barometer, it does give a good representation of the trajectory of the Fairfield County RE market. I hope this is helpful.




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